Handmade Designs

Computer aided design has now become an industry standard tool for creating bespoke pieces of work as part of the approval process. JWR use 3 Design and Matrix/Rhino, the industry leading design software, to create work that meets your customer specifications.


These designs can be produced around a stone that you have sold or are selling or based on  remodelling an old piece of jewellery.  We “render” a photographic standard of your design, showing 3 angles, plan, side elevation and an angled view such as a brochure photo. These jpegs can be emailed to you for further discussion with your customer.


From there we can provide you with accurate pricing information for a finished piece either by hand made process or by CAM, (computer aided manufacturing) or by “Revo” milling CNC technology method.  With all production stages managed in house, we are able to provide a comprehensive, “one stop shop” for all services including hallmarking, setting and finishing.



This service can be used to produce high quality “one off” pieces for your customer base or, like some of our retail customers, to produce a line of their own jewellery for stock. For example, your branding  can be placed into a line of jewellery by creating items such as clasps, jump rings, charms and pendants with the logo reflected in the design. This can help keep your stock fresh and creative and also reinforcing your shop identity throughout your product range.


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